Victorian Day

As our actual birthday is in November, we saved some of the fun for the Autumn Term. 

On 3rd November, we had a Victorian Day. We all dressed in Victorian costumes and came to school ready to learn about what life would have been like for a Victorian school child in 1873, when St. Mary's first opened.

In Y2, Mrs Bannister had transformed into a very strict Victorian school mistress, carrying out clean hand inspections, insisting that children stand to attention when an adult entered the room and even threatening to stand children in the corner with a dunce hat on!

Elsewhere, children learnt to walk with a book on their heads so as to ensure they stood up straight and practised writing with chalk on a slate. They also learned about the life of Queen Victoria and drew portraits of Her Majesty.

In addition, they took part in indoor and outdoor games, including skipping, quoits, dice, jacks and marbles.

Everyone had a fantastic day but decided they'd much rather be a pupil at St. Mary's in 2023 than in 1873!