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            150 Years at the Heart       of the Community

 Here at St. Mary's, we are proud and delighted to be celebrating the 150th Anniversary of our wonderful school. First founded in 1873, Eccleston St. Mary's CE Primary School was, according to the deeds of the school, erected on a plot of land 'on or near Eccleston Green':
"to be used as and for a school for the education of children or adults or children only of the labouring manufacturing and other poorer classes of Eccleston."

We have been serving the community of Eccleston and beyond ever since.

We feel we have a rich history, worth celebrating, and so are planning a number of events throughout the year to mark this auspicious occasion.

Please click on the relevant button to find out more about each event.

Anniversary Concert - Thursday 30th March 2023  6.30 pm

Celebration Summer Fair - Saturday 20th May 2023  11am - 4 pm

Brass on the Grass - Friday 9th June 2023 
6.30 pm

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