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Care Club

A Breakfast Club and an After School Club operate under a Governors’ Management Committee on our school premises. Your child can be looked after each school day by qualified staff and you can be secure in the knowledge they are having a great time!


There is a charge for your child’s attendance but at a very competitive rate and reductions are applied when more than one child from a family attends. Please ask at the school office for details of current prices.

Breakfast Club

This is held within school from 7.45am until 8.45 am at which time the pupils go straight to class. The children are kept busy with crafts and quiet games and are provided with a breakfast.



Mrs L. Gates

Miss A. Barlow

Mr R. Gatefield

Miss J. Gee

Mrs D. Latham

Miss L. MacGregor

Miss J. Sullivan

After-School Club

This runs from 3.25pm until 5.55pm every day after school. The children take part in crafts and games and also go outside to play whenever possible. They are provided with a healthy snack and a drink whilst at the club.


In order to help out parents who may be running late, we offer a service whereby if children are collected by 3.55pm only a nominal charge is made.